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Volunteer with the ZWP!

Watershed management is crucial for strong unified projects that make a difference in the water quality of a region as big as the Zumbro River Watershed. However, when it comes to getting things done, it is really the volunteers that make it happen! We have a fantastic volunteer family by whose efforts the ZWP exists today. As our aspirations for watershed programs and projects grows, our workload grows bigger too. There are many ways that ZWP members, and non-member citizens can help in the efforts.

Existing Opportunities:

ZWP Outreach Events: We host educational and outreach events, and also attend many other organizations public events. We often have a need for volunteers to attend these events to help spread the message of the ZWP to other watershed residents.

Other Outreach: Our message only gets to other people when we spread the news. We have brochures and brochure holders that need distribution throughout the watershed. Do you know of a good place for our brochures? We also need assistance with membership drives and newsletter mailings for volunteers who like to sort, classify and distribute publications.

Surface Water Monitoring: In addition to the above educational and fundraising events, the ZWP recently received a two-year surface water monitoring grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. To help us, we are looking for volunteers who are interested in discovering more about the water quality within the watershed. Volunteers will be paired with a staff person and will assist in collecting stream samples, recording data, taking stream photographs, and making observations about the stream condition at one or three locations. Locations will be sampled twice a month from May to September. View a map of the four sets of locations.

To Volunteer, please contact ZWP's Education Coordinator Kevin Strauss at or 507-993-3411.

Contact Us:

Mailing Address: Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc.
1485 Industrial Drive NW, Room 102
Rochester, MN 55901

Office Address: Education Coordinator Kevin Strauss
   Olmsted County Soil and Water Conservation District Office
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Rochester, MN 55904