For Cleaner Water
       & Fewer Floods  

Education Programs from the Zumbro Watershed Partnership

Learn how to keep our Zumbro River clean and safe with these information, interactive, and fun presentations. Many presentations are available as a 10-minute presentations (for local government meetings), 30-minute presentations (for civic group meetings), and 45-minute presentations (for libraries).

For more information, contact Education Coordinator Kevin Strauss at or by phone at 507-993-3411.

Three Thing Everyone Can Do For Cleaner Water and Fewer Floods

We all want clean water for drinking, swimming, boating, and fishing, but how do we keep our rivers clean? No matter where you live, you'll learn three things that everyone can do for cleaner water and fewer floods.

Zumbro Zoe's Way Cool Clean Water Show                                                                         (Young Families and Family Show)

                                                                                                                                                    Join Zumbro Zoe (a friendly 6-foot tall River Otter with a great sense of humor) on a guided tour of the water cycle as you hear stories about Zoe's river animal friends and learn fun and simple ways that we can call keep our area rivers safe, clean, and healthy. River jokes, funny stories, magic tricks, and an Ecology Game Show make learning fun for children and adults.

The Amazing Water Science Show

Water is amazing stuff! It covers two thirds of our planet and makes up two thirds of our bodies and fills our air.


It gives us rainbows, soap bubbles, clouds, rain, and rivers. Join us to make rain, make a rainbow, and learn how you can help keep our rivers clean in this fun in this interactive water science show.

the Amazing Rock Science Show

Join us for an amazing trip through the world of rocks. You'll learn about rocks that float like wood, flow like water, explode like fireworks, and rocks with fossils twice as old as the dinosaurs! See an indoor volcano and learn why rivers flood. Get ready to rock and roll at your library!

Amazing Animals of the Zumbro River Valley

Did you know that the Zumbro River is home to one of the biggest birds in North America, a fox that can climb trees and a fish more colorful than any tropical swimmer? Join Naturalist Storyteller (and ZWP Education Coordinator) Kevin Strauss on a guided tour of the amazing animals of our region as Kevin uses pelts, skulls, animal props, and stunningly realistic "live" puppets to bring animals alive for children and adults.

Forests, Farms, and Floods: The Human History (and Future) of the Zumbro River Valley

As early as the 1880s, local governments and settlers began changing the landscape in the Zumbro River Valley. While these residents had good intentions, their "all drainage is good drainage" policies have created a river that is in places dirty and prone to flooding. Unfortunately, some of these policies and ideas are still in place today. Learn how humans have changed the landscape, and how we can we can "Slow the Flow" for cleaner water and fewer floods.

Glaciers, Prairies, Farms, and Floods: the Unlikely and Surprising Natural History of the Zumbro River

Take a crash course in Zumbro River History as you learn how Minnesota went from mountain range to tropical ocean to ice age iceland. Discover how glaciers made the river we see today. Discover some simple (and not so simple) things we can do to keep the river clean and safe. Question and answer period to follow.

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