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You can get involved with the many watershed activities and decisions being made right now when you join the Zumbro Watershed Partnership.

Donate Online or By Mail

Becoming a member is as easy as donating online by clicking the "DONATE NOW" button below or printing the form below and sending it in along with your tax-deductible membership dues.

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Or click here to download the form as a PDF.

Why Become a ZWP Member? Here are our top 10 reasons: 

  1. Help keep the water we drink, fish and swim in clean.
  2. Learn how to be a good steward of the land.
  3. Play a part in restoring and protecting water and habitat for wildlife.
  4. Support local outreach and education on water topics.
  5. Work with other member organizations and individuals to coordinate efforts and share what works.
  6. Work together to influence decisions by local agencies that impact water health in our watershed.
  7. Receive advance notice of water-related special events.
  8. Receive our quarterly newsletter, The ZWP Current, with information on water education and projects across the watershed.
  9. Voting privileges at our annual Spring Members' Meeting.
  10. Pass down clean water and a healthy environment to future generations.

ZWP Membership Form

YES! I want to be a partner in "cleaning, protecting, and enjoying" the Zumbro River and its watershed.

Enclosed is my tax-deductible gift of:

____ $35  Friend                                                      ____ Renewal Membership

____ $60  Guide (Family Membership)                       ____ New Membership

____ $100  Navigator

____ $250  Guardian

____ $500  Protector

____ $1,000  Steward

____ $5,000  Benefactor

If new, can we include your name in the new members list for 2012?   ____ Yes          ____ No

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________Phone: __________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________ City: ______________________ State: ____ Zip: _________

County: ____________________________________

How did you learn about ZWP? __________________________________________________________________

Mail to:

Zumbro Watershed Partnership

1485 Industrial Dr. NW, Room 102

Rochester, MN 55901

Contact Us:

Mailing Address: Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc.
1485 Industrial Drive NW, Room 102
Rochester, MN 55901

Office Address: Education Coordinator Kevin Strauss
   Olmsted County Soil and Water Conservation District Office
2122 Campus Drive SE, Suite 200
Rochester, MN 55904

ZWP Executive Director Contact Information 
Phone Number: 507-226-6787

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