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Zumbro Watershed Partnership Seeks Executive Director Candidates

14 Mar 2016 10:59 AM | Anonymous

The Zumbro Watershed Partnership seeks applicants for it's position as Executive Director.


Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc.

DATE POSTED: March 4th, 2016

APPLICATIONS DUE: April 8th, 2016

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director

POSITION LOCATION: Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Science Center, Rochester, MN

EMPLOYMENT TERMS: Part-Time Employee (~25 hours/week)

SALARY: $22.50 - $25.00/hour depending on experience

START DATE: May 16th, 2016


The Executive Director leads the Zumbro Watershed Partnership (ZWP) and provides daily management of all ZWP functions. This includes coordination with federal, state and local agency professionals and citizen members in the planning and execution of watershed management activities; application for grants and execution of awarded grants; fundraising; public relations; and membership recruitment.

The Executive Director also reaches out to local and regional elected and appointed officials, private businesses and volunteer organizations to
increase visibility of ZWP and accelerate implementation of a unified approach to watershed management in alignment with the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources’ “One Watershed, One Plan” initiative. This position is also responsible for overseeing ZWP staff, which currently includes a half-time Educational Coordinator and a half-time Watershed Planner.

The Zumbro Watershed Partnership (ZWP) is a nonprofit organization of local concerned citizens and resource management professionals with the goal of restoring the natural and social benefits of a healthy watershed through collaborative partner projects. We have a history of building strong partnerships among citizen groups, local government entities, and academic institutions to obtain grants from government agencies and Non Government Organizations
(NGOs). Those grants have allowed us to further our scientific understanding of the Zumbro Watershed, communicate more effectively with residents of the watershed, and develop long-
term strategies toward improving the ecological integrity of our shared resources.


 Bachelor’s degree in natural resource management from an accredited college/university

(e.g., water resources, watershed management, hydrology, ecology, conservation, fisheries

and wildlife management, or related resource management field)


Bachelor’s or Post-bachelor’s degree in the field of philanthropy, non-profit management,

development and 5 years of experience in natural resources management, environmental

education and/or environmental non-profit or advocacy organization.

 Demonstrated fundraising and/or grant writing abilities

 Ability to work effectively in various field conditions, including rough terrain and inclement


 Strong organizational, managerial, interpersonal, and communication skills, both written and verbal. Willingness to work with individuals of varied ages, educational, and social

 Skilled and experienced in public meeting facilitation and/or public speaking.

 Ability to manage multiple, concurrent projects and responsibilities.

 Possession of a valid Minnesota Driver’s License and a personal vehicle (mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS rate).

 Ability to analyze and comprehend technical and scientific data and express it in lay terms to

ZWP members and the general public.

 Ability to apply effective leadership skills to employees, the ZWP Board, and committees, including the ability to provide effective work direction and performance management to employees.


 Successful fundraising and/or grant acquisition record.

 Experience with membership engagement and membership drives.

 Knowledge of conservation principles, practices and policies.

 Knowledge of urban and agricultural storm water management and flood management principles and practices, at both a local and regional scale.

 Experience with GIS software and application of geo-spatial information.

 Knowledge of watershed assessment models and application.

 Financial management and budgeting experience.

 Team management skills, including experience in staff development.


1. Grant Acquisition, Donor and Membership fundraising

 Pursue outside funding opportunities through grant writing and relationship building to further facilitate implementation of the Zumbro River Watershed Management Plan.

 Coordinate membership drive activities, including tracking membership applications andmailings, and maintaining the membership database.

2. Coordination with Technical Partners and Grant Funding Agencies

 Facilitate interagency coordination, cooperation, and communication for all ZWP

 Coordinate with partners to define, apply, implement and evaluate projects led by the ZWP or its partners that advance the goals and objectives of the Zumbro Watershed Plan.

 Continue ongoing efforts to prepare partners for the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources’ “One Watershed, One Plan” initiative.

3. Organization Management

 Provide staff support to and communication with the ZWP Board.

 Prepare for and attend monthly Board meetings and regular committee meetings; prepare and distribute committee meeting notes; and provide status reports on activities.

 Supervise other ZWP staff and contractors in the execution of educational programming, planning efforts, and grant execution, including the completion of performance appraisals.

 Provide regular written communication to members, partners, and other interested parties.

4. Grant Execution

 Oversee and administer grants, including execution of grant activities, compilation and submittal of required grant progress reports, tracking project expenditures, and documenting in-kind match contributions submitted by partners.


This position reports to the Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc. Board of Directors.

About the Zumbro Watershed Partnership (ZWP)

The Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of local concerned citizens and water resource management professionals committed to protecting and restoring terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitat in the Zumbro River Watershed. This major watershed covers 910,337 acres in the Lower Mississippi River basin in southeastern Minnesota in which more than 170,000 people live, work and play. ZWP is working to accelerate the adoption of conservation practices on agricultural working lands and perennial cover practices on highly sensitive areas in the watershed to improve freshwater aquatic habitat, improve water quality,
and reduce storm water runoff. Funding comes from a combination of state and foundation grants as well as membership donations and benefit events.


Please send a cover letter, resume, and three references by 5:00 pm on April 8th, 2016. Please

submit documents via email to or by mail to:

Lawrence Svien
Zumbro Watershed Partnership
1485 Industrial Drive NW
Rochester, MN 55901

Phone: 507-226-6787

For more information, visit or contact Lawrence Svien at 507-226-6787 or

Contact Us:

Mailing Address: Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc.
12 Elton Hills Drive NW
Rochester, MN 55901

ZWP Executive Director Contact Information 
Phone Number: 507-226-6787

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