For Cleaner Water
       & Fewer Floods  

Resources for Homeowners

Visit the links below to learn how you can use landscaping, rain barrels, raingardens, and other techniques to "Slow the Flow" of rainwater and help more of it soak in to the land.

Environmental Working Group  Are you concerned about pesticides in foods, fertilizer in your drinking water, or farm policies that might lead to more pollution? Check out articles from the Environmental Working Group. This Iowa-based organization is one of the few research organizations that has the respect of both farmers and conservationists.

Northland Nemo (no relation to the cartoon fish) A clean water education program operated by the University of Minnesota Extension has fact sheets and case studies that show how simple homeowner actions can lead to cleaner and safer streams and rivers.

Project Blue Thumb If you want to use raingardens (all one word, according to Project Blue Thumb) and native plants to clean stormwater and prevent lake and streambank erosion, check out the tips from Project Blue Thumb.

Rochester Stormwater If you live in Rochester and are wondering what the city is doing to keep the Zumbro River clean and safe, if you're wondering how the city spends the stormwater fee that residents pay each month, or if you want to get involved with city projects to pick up litter, install raingardens, or stencil "Drains to River" on storm drains, visit the city's stormwater website.

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