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Resources for Farmers

On-Farm Network Would you like to find out what cropping, nutrient, and conservation techniques work best on your land? For years the Iowa Soybean Association uses a variety of tools in real-world conditions to find out what really works for Iowa farmers. Recently, Minnesota farmers have been using these same techniques to save money, grow better crops, and protect the environment. Learn more at the On-Farm Network website.

Environmental Working Group  Are you concerned about pesticides in foods, fertilizer in your drinking water, or farm policies that might lead to more pollution? Check out articles from the Environmental Working Group. This Iowa-based organization is one of the few research organizations that has the respect of both farmers and conservationists.

University of Minnesota Extension Find the latest research on crop production, livestock rearing, business management, and other agricultural topics, as well as workshops.

Discovery Farms This is a farmer-led effort in Minnesota to gather water quality data from working farms and use that data to identify the best land management techniques that both support working farms and cleaner rivers and lakes. There are several other Discovery Farms programs in other states as well. Google "Discovery Farms" for information on those programs.

River-Friendly Farmer Program - University of Minnesota Extension Learn how effective land management and money-saving conservation practices can also help keep local waterways cleaner an safer.
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