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What’s in the Water: Chemicals of Emerging Concern

  • 09 Jan 2014
  • 6:30 PM
  • Cascade Meadow Wetland and Environmental Science Center, 2900--19th St. NW, Rochester


 What’s in the Water: Chemicals of Emerging Concern


by Mark Ferry, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

6:30 p.m.,Cascade Meadow Wetlands and Environmental Science Center, 2900 19th Street NW, Rochester

We all know about nitrates and sediment in our rivers, but what about all those other chemicals that we use every day. Could our medicines or personal care products be affecting the fish and animals in the Zumbro River? Find out what we know about these “Chemicals of Emerging Concern” (CEC) and what you can do to keep our water cleaner for animals and people.


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