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Urban Landscapes for Water Quality and Wildlife Habitats

  • 09 May 2013
  • 6:30 PM
  • Cascade Meadow Wetland and Environmental Science Center, 2900--19th St. NW, Rochester

“Curb Appeal” isn’t just for potential homebuyers or business clients anymore – birds, butterflies, and other insects are looking for a place to visit!

Find out how to help keep our rivers cleaner while providing habitat for wildlife at "Urban Landscapes for Water Quality and Wildlife Habitats" by Rochester Stormwater Educator Megan Moeller on Thursday, May 9, 6:30 pm, Cascade Meadow Wetland and Environmental Science Center, 2900--19th St. NW, Rochester. This program is part of the monthly Zumbro Watershed Partership ( "Water Ways Speaker Series that takes place the second Thursday of each month at the Cascade Meadow Center.

Your landscaping decisions not only give character to your yard, they have the ability to provide valuable habitat for wildlife in need of refuge. Yard after yard of traditional turf grass provides few resources for native fauna and increases the distance these critters need to travel to survive. Additionally, turf grass does little to help reduce runoff that can carry pollutants directly to our waterways or encourage the recharge of our drinking water supply.

Including native plants in your landscape design is simple way to provide habitat for wildlife, help improve the quality of our water resources, and reduce maintenance. Everything from the bees collecting pollen, to the fish swimming in the streams, will benefit from urban landscapes with native plants – including you!

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