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Women Caring for the Land

  • 11 Feb 2016
  • 6:30 PM
  • Cascade Meadow Wetlands and Environmental Science Center

Women Caring for the Land

Caroline van Schaik, Land Stewardship Project

Thursday, Feb. 11, 6:30 pm

Cascade Meadow Wetlands and Environmental Science Center, 2900-19th St. NW, Rochester, MN

From the beginning of recorded history in Minnesota, women have always been on the land—typically as wife, sister, daughter-in-law, and other “legally” invisible partners. But few women ran the farm themselves or took an active role in farm business decisions, until now. Now women own over 50 percent of the farmland in Minnesota, but many of them don’t have a background in farm management. Hear how Land Stewardship Project staff are working with women land owners to help them better manage their soil and water resources, whether they farm the land themselves or rent it out. Discover what this group has learned about how workshops and flyers designed for male farmers don’t always communicate effectively with a female audience, and how even small changes in land management can lead to healthier soil and cleaner water for all Minnesotans.

Academic Areas: Minnesota Geography, Natural Science, History, Communication Arts, Ag in the Classroom

These talks are part of the Zumbro Watershed Partnership’s “Water Ways” Speaker Series that takes place the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Cascade Meadow Wetland and Environmental Science Center in Rochester. For more information, contact ZWP Education Coordinator Kevin Strauss at or at 507-993-3411.

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