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Zumbro Falls, Buckmans Landing

Site Description

This project built upon the existing Buckman's Landing site; a location for community members to park and access the Zumbro River.  The Education Recreation Sites project will enhance the site directly south of the parking lot with a walking trail, educational signs, picnic tables, and stone benches.  

2016 Site Construction 

The Youth Conservation Corps arrived in June to being site construction.  Crews cleared down limbs and overgrown vegetation to allow for scenic river views.  Concrete pads were framed, poured, and amenaties installed (picnic tables, benches, and educational sign kiosks).  A CL5 walking trail was created, winding throughout the site and connecting the amenaties.  During the construction season, the City of Oronoco also installed a large public boat launch and seeded the grounds surrounding our CL5 walking trail.

In September, heavy rains resulted in substantial flooding thoughout the Zumbro River Watershed.  Benches, picinic tables, and wooden kiosks were submerged in backwaters for several days.  Once the water level receeded, it was clear that our amenaties were undamaged and capable of withstanding a dynamic river system.

2017 Site Construction

All site features, with the exception of the stone benches and educational signs, were installed in the 2016 construction season.  Two stone benches will be assembled by a certified stone mason in late summer.  The wooden bench tops and educational signs will be installed by crews in the fall of 2017.

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2016 - staking location of project amenaties prior to construction
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