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Educational Recreation Sites


This project was made possible by the Legislative-Citizens Committee on Minnesota Resources and the Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF).  To learn more, click here.

Project Duration 

July 2015 - June 2018

Project Partners

University of Minnesota, Center for Changing Landscapes

University of Minnesota Extension, Southeast Regional Sustainable Development Partnership

Minnesota Youth Conservation Corps

Schad Tracy Signs


This grant provides funding to create "Educational Recreation Sites" at city, county, and state-owned parks and public lands.  These sites will use educational signs to inform the public on many watershed-related topics, including:

  • how human land use impacts our local hydrology, including the Zumbro River
  • what is a watershed
  • wildlife of the Zumbro River
  • what you can do to for "cleaner water, fewer floods" in the Zumbro River Watershed
  • flooding and dams
Amenaties will also be installed at each site (picnic tables, benches, canoe launches, etc.) to enhance the community's use and interaction with the Zumbro River and its tributaries.  The "Educational Recreation Sites" will increase river access and water education throughout the watershed, resulting in a strong sense of ownership and stewardship.  Ultimately, leading to cleaner waterways and improved water quality for generations to come.

Locations of the Educational Recreation Sites

Click on the sites listed below to learn more!

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