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Green Bridge

A DNR public access

Site Description

This location is a DNR public access.  At the confluence of two county roads (21 & 7), it boasts more green space and parking than most public launches.  To enhance the site the "Educational Recreation Sites" project will install benches, picnic tables, educational signs, a walking trail, and stabilize erosion on either site of the launch.

2016 Site Construction

The Youth Conservation Corps arrived in June and began improvements shortly thereafter.  Down brush and overgrown vegetation were removed to enhance river views.  Concete pads were added to accomodate picnic tables, benches, and kiosks for educational signs throughout the site.  The rocky, eroding slopes on either side of the boat launch were graded, stablized with erosion control blanket, and seeded with native plants.  Additional CL5 was used in the existing parking areas to smooth out potholes.

2017 Site Construction

All site features, with the exception of the educational signs, were installed in the 2016 construction season.  The educational signs will be installed on the wooden kiosks by crews in the fall of 2017.

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October 2017 - View of recreational learning site from Green Bridge
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